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Police Misconduct Lawsuit Settles in Pittsburgh

This was an interesting development.  I don’t see that it is a racial issue, at least from what is reported here.  It’s more of an example of why good department policies are so important.


Norfolk Dog Bite Case Settled for $20,000

Uno Frans

I am proud to report that I just settled a case for one of my favorite clients.  At the eleventh hour, the insurance company for the dog’s owner ponied up a reasonable offer.  If you are a dog owner, make sure your dog is covered in your home owners insurance or renters insurance policy!

In honor of this dog bite case getting settled, I post this image of my dog Uno, biting my friend and dog guru Frans Koster of Sigma K9.

To my client: thanks for your patience!  Best wishes with the new baby, too!

If you are injured by a dog bite, contact me right away.